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  1. Revised entry: [Google Drive*] LangSecRef=3024 Detect=HKCU\Software\Google\Drive Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Google\Drive\CrashReports|*.*|RECURSE FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\Google\Drive|*.log Warning=Cleanup will fail if Google Drive is currently running
  2. Steam Big Picture (Tenfoot) Image and (Big Picture) Web Browser cache [steam Big Picture Cache*] LangSecRef=3021 Detect=HKCU\Software\Valve\Steam Default=false FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\Steam\tenfoot\config\httpcache\*.* FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\Steam\tenfoot\config\images\web|*.* Generic Steam Browser (this includes the Library, Store, Community etc) [steam Browser Cache*] LangSecRef=3021 Detect=HKCU\Software\Valve\Steam Default=false FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\Steam\appcache\httpcache\*.* FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\Steam\config\htmlcache\*.* Warning=This will also delete the thumbnails and (default) background images of the games in your Library. Stylish Sync, a Firefox add-on that lets you sync Stylish styles. [stylish Sync Backups*] LangSecRef=3026 SpecialDetect=DET_MOZILLA Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Mozilla\*|stylishsync-20*.sqlite|RECURSE Some name changes: [Osu!*] to [osu!*] [LogMeIn Hamatchi More*] to [LogMeIn Hamachi More*] Typo fix, this has been bothering me for months.
  3. Nah, that won't work, it's not the Windows username
  4. [MAL Updater Image Cache*] LangSecRef=3023 DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\Mal Updater 2\MalUpdater.exe Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Mal Updater\AnimePics|*.* FileKey2=%AppData%\Mal Updater\MangaPics|*.* FileKey3=%AppData%\Mal Updater\SeasonData|*.* [MAL Updater Logs*] LangSecRef=3023 DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\Mal Updater 2\MalUpdater.exe Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Mal Updater\Users|*.log|RECURSE The logs rule was a bit tricky, because the logs actually are in %AppData%\Mal Updater\Users\USERNAME\ (for example: Users\rctgamer3\AnimeLogNotes.log). Is using RECURSE the best way to do it? No other files should be deleted other than the .log files.
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