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  1. Hi, Files in recycle bin show as d:\... in the list after analyzing. Very confusing if you think about files getting deleted right on root d:\ . These files should be displayed as D:\recycler and not as D:\... cheers djot
  2. Hi, don't know which rule it is, but there is one which deletes custom user word templates (see screenshot). cheers djot
  3. Hi, reproduce: 1. analyze => list shows up 2. switch to summary results =>short summary is shown 3. analyze again 4. try to go back to list view ... you can not! You stay in summary view 5. You have to close and restart CCleaner, to get in the list again (after analyzing for sure) cheers djot
  4. [MS pchealth DataColl *] LangSecRef=3025 DetectFile=%WinDir%\pchealth\helpctr\DataColl Default=False FileKey1=%WinDir%\pchealth\helpctr\DataColl|*.xml
  5. Hi, Yeah, found out myself that if you defrag only files, this (most time too time and hdd-life consuming) movement of all files to the beginning will not happen. But it was not clear to me that Defraggler won't start moving the files even if started on the files tab. Doing a complete defrag a option cleary stating to not move everything to the beginning would be clearer than doing experiments on your own. djot
  6. Sorry for posting in the wrong category, thought I was in the right one while in a hurry (feel free to move them). The right click suggestion for adding files to the files-to-be-exlcluded-list might be for advanced users. I really hated to browse to four different folders to add them manually. Anyway, it is just a suggestion cheers djot
  7. Hi, Feature request 3: exluded files - new option: Option (right click) to directly add a row/file/folder from files list to exclude files list. thx djot
  8. Hi, Feature request 2: exluded files - new option: Option to show or hide excluded files in the files list. If shown, highlight exluded files/rows with a special background color. thx djot
  9. Hi, Feature request 1: new option: Just defrag files, but do not move everything to the beginning of the drive. thx djot
  10. page http://www.piriform.com/support paragraph: Do you need support? Then use the link on the right to create a support account. => "Then click on the image below:" BUG! There is no image
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