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  1. You should only have ONE version of CCleaner on your computer, and the version number is noted in the upper left-hand corner of the CCleaner screen after the Words CCleaner.com, i.e. "v2.19.901". Delete all the earlier versions from your computer!
  2. I think that you are "making a mountain out of a molehill". The only passwords I save on Firefox are those to websites where it doesn't matter if someone else accesses them! One would hardly want to save passwords to sites that contain sensitive information about themselves, would one? That's what the "Exceptions" button is for.
  3. That's what I referring to above. 1984: CCleaner is an excellent product, but it has other heavy-duty free competitors out there--like Glary Utilities--which can do even more clean-ups for you.
  4. Thank you--although I'd already managed to find it independently on FileHippo, and was about to note that here. I don't know why it wasn't noted as an "update" in my CCleaner, itself, though.
  5. . . . and just where IS this version .901? When I check my CCleaner for updates, it claims that .900 is the latest!
  6. You are wrong! Everyone else in two "bug" forums have found this to be a CCleaner problem! I have never had any issues until the newest version of CCleaner came out!
  7. You are wrong! Everyone else in two "bug" forums have found this to be a CCleaner problem! I have never had any issues until the newest version of CCleaner came out!
  8. DennisD: It's a CCleaner problem, all right, it's been reported under two topic headings by many users in your CCleaner "bugs" forum. By not using the Firefox cleaning feature in CCleaner, I've recreated all my saved passwords and gotten my "signons3.txt" back (which took me hours!), which CCleaner deleted, and they have all stayed! Denying that it is Piriform's problem will not help fix it!
  9. I don't know how Piriform works. Why hasn't a Piriform software engineer indicated to us that they intend to FIX this "bug"?
  10. I had the same problem, and didn't appreciate having to spend half a day reinstalling saved passwords (many of which the websites involved required to be changed!). By having "Saved Form Information" checked, CCleaner completely removed "signons3.txt" in the Firefox Profiles folder, which is where all the saved passwords are kept. I'm currently rebuilding it. I now have CCleaner set to not clean-up anything in Firefox. It's really not a necessary feature, anyway, as Firefox does its own cleaning when closing down.
  11. Thanks, Jamin! Your idea probably would have done it, but I did it another way which managed to work. I reinstalled Foxit, and then removed it via Revo Uninstaller, which in its full mode does a complete check of all orphaned registry entries and such after the product's own uninstallation method is complete. That did the trick! Thanks again!
  12. Under Applications, CCleaner still lists Foxit Reader, although I have completely removed it from my computer, and replace it with Adobe Reader. How do I fix this?
  13. Apparently, your new version of CCleaner has some major bugs, which are currently being discussed in Firefox forums! Version 2.19.900 completely wipes out all the Firefox saved passwords when "delete saved form information" is checked, by totally deleting "signon3.txt" from Firefox's profile! It has taken me hours to recreate "signon3.txt" (and I'm still working on it), and I resent the fact that CCleaner was the cause! P.S. In addition, my CCleaner still lists some programs for cleaning that I don't even have anymore!
  14. Thanks, Andavari! I'm somewhat of a computer novice, so I don't really know what winapp.ini is, but it really doesn't really matter, since I decided that Netscape 8.1 was so full of unneeded (by me) "bells and whistles" that I removed it from my system. By the same token, Mozilla Suite also seems to be more than I need or want. I guess I'll just stick with Firefox (with Opera as a backup)--even though is a bit "buggy".
  15. Hi! I don't know whether I'm in the right Forum or not, as I have no idea whether my problem is a "bug"--or even a "problem" at all! In any event, my possible problem is this: Whenever I added a new browser to my system in the past, CCleaner also added it to the Cleaner's "Applications" list. Therefore, prior to today, my CCleaner had both Firefox (my default browser) and Opera listed under "Applications" for cleaning purposes, and still does. However, I just today added the Netscape 8.1 browser (which, by the way, I don't think I'm going to like), and--for some reason--this new browser did NOT get added into the "Applications" list! DO I have a "problem" or a "bug"--or doesn't CCleaner even support/clean Netscape's browser? Thanks!
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