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  1. Content of post deleted because poster was using an illegal account. The last post of this thread was deleted for the same reason.
  2. I just started using Recova and I've been experiencing 1 problem and I also have a small feature request. 1. From the Wizard window where I select a specific location, I should be able to just type in that box instead of pushing "browse" and then navigating to it. The reason is because I use encrypted container files and the drives change often and for some reason, Windows doesn't always list all the open drives in explorer...perhaps it's something wrong with my machine but it's always been like that which has never been a problem because just running the command "F:\" or "L:\" or whatever the letter is, will still take me to that drive regardless if explore sees it or not. Unfortunately, Recova doesn't allow me to list drives not seen by explorer. I know Windows is aware of those drives because they also show up in disc management. So, let me type in that box the exact location!! 2. What appears to be a bug is when again I'm using the Wizard and, at the same location I spoke above, I pushed "browse" and I navigated to Z:\ which is a Network Drive. In case you're not familiar with what a network drive is - it's just an external hard drive that is connected straight to the router first. Anyhow, Recova 'sees' Z:\ but once I select it, push OK and choose "Deep Scan" then it brings up a Window with the only option being "Switch to Advanced Mode". The problem is...what is going on? There is no progress window, no nothing. It's just sitting there. When I push the button "Switch to Advanced Mode" and then again I try to find Z:\ in the drop down box, it's not there. I can only get Recova to see Z:\ if I use the Wizard. To me, this sounds like several problems all wrapped into 1. Fix this, and I'll reinstall. Thanks, -B.M.N
  3. XP sp2 and XP sp3 supports exFAT after installing KB955704. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  4. I'd like to suggest adding icons next to each item in Tool -> Startup Thanks
  5. Thanks for the link, the solution given there works. However, it would be much easier if CCleaner just did a little adjustment in their code so when you do a scan for registry errors, the registry key in matter doesn't even show up.
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