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  1. Hey! Andavari I am back again to let you and others know I did a system restore yesterday, because I saw something that convinced me that, and this is only my opinion, IE7 Beta 2 Preview is NOT ready for the public. I had been having some minor problems with my computer, but I had just updated some drivers. I had also been having some problems posting at a MSN Group, but others were having problems also. Yesterday I went to my Home Page and the fonts were huge, and I had been watching for anything that would convince me and I guess this did. I knew I had not changed the font and I knew something is just not right, so IE7(beta) is gone from my computer. When they get it right I will d/l again, but not until. After the system restore I did go back and d/l Spyware Blaster, just wanted you to know that. If anyone has any idea about d/l IE7(beta) now I would say wait. It's gotta get better, before I will try it again. Have a good evening, Bama
  2. Hey! K Thanks for the suggestion about the DSOstop2. I will check it out. And Andavari, I hope you are gonna fry the Oscar Meyer Balogna before you make that sandwich. mmmm It is much better fried a little bit. I have already d/l SpywareBlaster and am running it on my computer now. Don't know but I would think that may make a difference in the amount of junk I have on my computer when I run my weekly scans. CCleaner is always the first scan I do, so we will see. Have a good weekend to all, Bama
  3. Hey! you guys, You are not only helpful, you are also funny. Thanks for the laughs. Glad I found ya'. Ya'll have a good weekend, Bama
  4. Good Morning! Andavari, My mistake on the name of the program that you mentioned would be good to have. Yes, I do have Spybot-Search and Destroy, but that is one I do not run every week along with the others I run as a routine weekly check. I only use Spybot-S&D occasionally when I am suspicious of something. I could add that one to the weekly check if you think necessary, and maybe I will just do that. Thanks for your time, Bama
  5. Hey! Andavari, Let me tell you what protection I have right now on this computer, and if you would be so kind as to let me know if I still need SpyBlaster. If so I will d/l SpyBlaster. AVG AV, AdAwareSE, SpySweeper, RegSeeker, CCleaner. I run these religiously every Sunday. Once a month I run Trend Micro House Call. Thank you, Bama
  6. Hey! Ike, Guess I worded my greeting wrong, I meant I am from the Sunshine State..lol Doesn't matter, I just know I appreciate the fact that you and others have taken the time to respond to my qiestion. I will be very careful while my new browser is under review. I hope it works out, because I really do like it. I suppose only time will tell. This forum is great, and the ppl here are great. Thanks for the warm welcome. Bama
  7. Hey! Ike, from the Sunshine State of Florida. Thank you for your reply, but I must tell you I had Firefox at one time, but not anymore. I had to do a reinstall of Windows XP last year, and chose not to have but one browser after the reinstall. I was told less is better, and I agree. I chose to keep IE6, and so far I am happy with IE7 Beta 2. Thanks for your help, and the link to Firefox, but for now I will stay with what I have. Have a good evening, Bama
  8. Hey! Krit, Thank you so much for your reply, and I did read all the information you posted. Seems I am the only one that likes the new IE7(beta 2 preview). I have only had it about two week, and my experience so far has been good. I am not a computer tech, far from it, but right now I will keep IE7(beta 2 preview). If I have a problem in the future I will be back and let you know about it. You have a good day... Bama
  9. First, let me say I am not a computer tech, far from it. BUT, please let me say something nice about the new IE7 Beta 2 Preview. I have been using IE7(beta) for about two weeks now. Before I d/l the new IE7(beta) I read a lot of negative reviews at the Microsoft Newsgroup which I am a member. Even so I wanted to try it, and so far I am satisfied with my experience with IE7(beta). If that changes I will be back and let you know. Bama
  10. I just d/l Windows IE7 Beta 2 Preview. There is a post from this forum posted at a site where I am a member about IE 7 (Beta) and CCleaner which I use every week. After reading the post I went to my CCleaner and looked for the item and could not find anything that looked like what was referred to in the post. The only thing I found was in the Issues tab and it only said installer. I am a new to the computer world and would appreciate any help that anyone might give me. I will paste the post that was posted at the other site. Thanks for your help.....Bama If you install the IE7 Beta 2 Preview you will not want to check the Hotfix Installer part of the cleaner. This will remove the ability to uninstall the IE7 Beta 2 Preview. If you do not wish to be stuck with the IE7 Beta 2 Preview, be careful when running CCleaner.
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