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  1. I too absolutely despise the new UI and have since downgraded to 4.19. Not just because of the UI, but also because 5.05 performed horribly and was pathetically slow. But mostly because of the UI. I also am quite disappointed by the response of people speaking on behalf of Piriform. In particular the asinine argument that only 135 have complained here. Which means they are comparing forum complaints to how many suspected users they have. However a more logical approach would be to compare how many people in the forum complained vs.. how many people in the same forum approved. You guys know very well better than 99% of your userbase is NOT registered in the forums and not participating in this discussion. You're being quite disingenuous with that argument. Bottom line is, not caring about what your user base wants is not a good way to win or keep users. With that, I'm done with downloading any future Piriform software. Including Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy just on principle, despite those having not changed their GUI yet. Which in and of itself raises a question. If you guys at Piriform think your Metro'ish interface is so wonderful, why haven't you ruined all your products with it?
  2. To get back on topic. I too can confirm as a Windows 7 user (32bit), that Speccy (using v1.07.205) does NOT report antivirus status properly. I have both Avast 5 (free home edition) and Ad-Aware Pro 9 and Speccy still reports antivirus as being disabled. Where-as Windows Security Center sees them just fine and reports antivirus as enabled.
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