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  1. Look at the post "Add a program to winapp2.ini" ( http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=1110 ) - you might have more luck having it detected and deleted that way. However, if the history is part of a config file, i.e. there is more content in that file, deleting it with CC would either reset all of your config options to default or prevent SoulSeek from launching altogether (it may need the file to exist). Does soulSeek not have an option to not remember its own history? perhaps a SoulSeek user will be able to help more. Good luck
  2. CC will find junk files in places other beers don't reach. If you need to keep log files, why not make a batch file that does something like copy *.log from [YOUR TEMP LOCATION] to ["LOGS" FOLDER IN MY DOCS], then runs CC with the /AUTO switch? That way they would be vleaned from the default locations, but you would have a safe copy first... If something is in a TEMP folder, it *should* be trash, but some people insist on saving things in there, thinking "I don't need it right now, so it's temporary, right?" - sadly the Windows TEMP folders are intended for system use only, so user files in temp locations are not seen as "special" by CC.
  3. ...or look into windows logoff scripts... http://tinyurl.com/ezdgd (microsoft.com) http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/learnit.mspx I keep meaning to sort out a really simple script that will run CC with the /AUTO switch, but I run it (with /AUTO) from a desktop shortcut and don't feel the need to have it fully automated right now. if anyone else sorts out the scripts, that would be great to see posted here
  4. cde

    Feature Suggestion

    Agreed - unless CC has Analyzed (and can be accurate on progress), no increase in complteness should be implied. Besides, who is agumon (or any of us) to suggest that a user is somehow "at fault" for not doing something regularly enough, or that a user's habits are more worthy of criticism than an app's poorly-implemented features? No offense agu, or MrG if you're reading - just thought it was worth reiterating that a bar claiming to report "progress" should do just that, whilst a bar that says "working" would suit CC...
  5. I was kind of addressing the fact that people don't clean up after themselves. Why give everyone access to a tool they might not use, if you can automate it? I think there are pros and cons for giving CC to everyone, for example user B could possibly remove entries from the registry in HKLM, which may have been useful for user A. But perhaps that's just me. (PS - please keep lines of emoticons to a minimum )
  6. If you're logged in as a Administrator, why not just make a shortcut aimed at "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe" /AUTO and put one in everyone's Start Menu>Programs>Startup location? Then, without caring about tidiness, everyone who logs on should trigger a cleanup of their user profile. Or am I missing something? Or look into logoff scripts, they might help too...
  7. Hi CCleaner looks for registry data (sometimes files) to see if a program is present, then typically deletes things in default locations (eg. FileKey3=%ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\ActiveX|*.bak after finding Acrobat 7's registry keys). So, if you have installed an app to D:\Programs, or asked an app to use D:\ Temp for temporary files, without changing your system-wide Environment Variable, CC might need some tweaking to find your files. As for not deleting all that is found, any open program is likely to be hanging on to its own temporary data - this data may vanish when the app is closed - so run CC after booting (no other apps launched) to see if the problem still persists. Good luck!
  8. cde

    Cleaning a slave drive

    for a job like this, it would be best to do it by hand. CC only recognises very specific things, typically using install paths and system folders to recognise files. So... I'd just recommend saving what you want and deleting the rest. I'm about to move a 60GB 2-partitioned drive into a new machine, and I wouldn't trust any automated process to really clean it up that well. Depending on your setup, it's unlikely that your slave drive will need, for example, the Windows and Program Files folders, so you should be able to get rid of most content without much thought. I reckon a coffee break should be enough Good luck either way, cde
  9. To get rid of thumbs.db FOREVER... Open any folder. Click Tools>Folder Options Select "View" tab Find and activate "Do not cache thumbnails" Click OK Now press Start>Search>files & Folders (or just press Windows-Key + F) Choose All files & Folders Set "Look in" to "Local Hard Drives" Expand "More advanced options" Select first 3 options (search systems folders/hidden files/subfolders) Let the search run, then press CTRL+A to select those files, then press DEL to delete them all! Recursive subfolder searching is not supported, it would make CCleaner very slow to run. You can set up custom folders though if there is a specific folder you need to empty. Hope this helps! cde
  10. cde

    Feature Suggestion

    This would be no problem if it was running after an Analyse operation - perhaps the bar could just say "working" if it's not actually showing progress, since it's always annoying to have a perceived progress bar reach the end, then restart. (Sometimes several times!)
  11. cde


    I'd recommend a (very ugly) page: http://osswin.sourceforge.net/ Admittedly this is Open Source stuff, so CCleaner doesn't figure in the list, but there is a lot of good, free, often-updated software there!!! Recommended: TrueCrypt/OpenOffice.org/KeePass/FileZilla/Inkscape/GIMP/Audacity/Blender/NVU/PUTTY/VirtualDub. Oh, and Linux. If anything on OSSWIN is a dead link, Google should have the answer... I echo the suspicion that an IT Tech wouldn't have a vast knowledge about freeware, but since schools and Universities tend to force MS tools on students I can't say I'd be surprised if network admins trained in 10 years were saying "What's Linux?". In the meantime, you could do a lot worse than try out a few of these tools - check out portableapps.com for versions of some of these that you can run off a USB drive.
  12. cde

    Feature Suggestion

    Why not remove entries from the list? I tend to remove entries for apps I doubt I'll uninstall in a hurry (most of them!) as long as I can find an uninstaller in their program files or start menu folders.
  13. If you boot the PC in Safe Mode (F8 during startup, pick from the list), you should be able to run CC and disable the "Run at startup" option. If you can then reboot, check if CC causes the PC to crash just by running the cleaner. If you still can't reboot, then either CC wasn't the problem, or CC may have deleted/altered something vital. THIS IS VERY RARE but some users have, for example, stored files in a TEMP folder then been surprised when these files are removed. Let us know if you can get the PC back on!
  14. cde


    Damn, you got me
  15. cde


    As far as I know, CHKDSK will recover file fragments and leave them in the root of your drive(s), if it finds any likely data, and there is probably a chkdsk.log text file somewhere that will have time/date info of when it was run, what it found etc. (but most people on this forum won't be able to give specifics about the contents of this log, since we run CC and therefore the log will be gone )
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