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  1. Relates to my post "Cookie Puzzler" as well. Same problem.
  2. Damn, I thought that we had something here. Tried all scenarios without success. Was initially running in protected mode with index.dats checked. Cookies still there but not recognized. Unchecked cookies, rechecked index.dats and protected mode and no problem when rebooted. But thanks Nergal, appreciate the suggestions.
  3. Thanks Super Hero, appreciate. Am familiar with cookies and retain only those I use frequently, such as bank accounts, Zap2it (TV guide), etc. Might also add that after running Ccleaner applicable sites still work. It is when I reboot that the settings are not remembered. Yet cookies are still there. Still puzzled.
  4. Running cleaner works fine, retaining "cookies to keep". Then next time it will seemingly retain proper cookies but when I go to applicable web site I have to reset login. Yet cookies are still there. Got me scratching behind left ear? Stephen G
  5. Great product, use it daily. My suggestion would be to add the ability to shut the computer down after completing a task. Again, great product. Thanks Stephen
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