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  1. Thank you Nergal. But not removing index.dat didn't make any difference. I always run in normal (not private) mode. I've tried using the IE link in program files and running the ccleaner64 link I've tried using the IE link in program (x86) folder and just the CCleaner link But it does the same to both It only ever happens once I've used CCleaner and reboot. But it doesn't happen everytime, if I'm really quick at bootup and open IE, it sometimes keeps the cookies. It must be something happening upon bootup at the desktop stage. But if I don't run CCleaner, the cookies aren't touched. I don't run defender. My antivirus is NOD32. I'm wondering if that could be doing something. I'll try uninstalling AV and see if it still happens (will have to be tomorrow now). The same cookies/sites in Firefox are OK, so it is specific to IE. Any other ideas?
  2. Can somebody help me. I love CCleaner, but I've a real problem with keeping cookies in IE since upgrading from Win7 to Win8 I can run CCleaner as usual and as long as I remain booted up, all my cookies are saved. But as soon as I reboot, all log-in info is lost. I've tried taking advice about adjusting the browsing history settings in IE, but it makes no difference. If I remove CCleaner from my system, I can boot up and down without loosing any cookies. I've reinstalled CCleaner and run it, I check that I am still logged in and it is fine, until I restart or start Win8 I've tried running CCleaner as administrator and not and the same happens. Can anybody point some light into what is happening and how I can fix it? I really want to keep using CCleaner if I can. Please help!
  3. Looking at those cookies that are not showing up but are in the list to be cleared, they are being stored in: C:\Users\my username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\low\cookie name Is this different to where CCleaner looks to show cookies under the cookies section?
  4. I am having real problems with cookies not showing up in the list. Well, not those like forums that I'd like to keep. Without seeing them in the list I can't add them to the save side. I do see cookies in there, but just all the ads etc It's almost as though IE7 on Vista is saving the cookies I click 'stay logged into' in another area. Yet, when I run CCleaner, they do show up in the cleaning list. Which is annoying as I have to keep re-logging in to all these sites. Any idea if this is a known fault with CCleaner or can I do anything to change this behaviour? It's a new clean install of Vista not an upgrade.
  5. thecaretaker


    I am unable to see any cookies in the cookies options. Is this one of the little bugs to be ironed out? EDIT: OK, forget that. Silly me. The cookies were already in the saved list and I had recently run a clean up. Just had to log-in again to the sites after the upgrade but it has kept the cookie now.
  6. Can this one be fixed in the next release please?
  7. Nope, still not clearing forms. I completely uninstalled CCleaner via add/remove, re-installed a fresh download just in case the new version didn't overwrite all the files and checked the forms out. Still no joy! Here is My PC Set-up
  8. I've got v1.34.407 that was issued on the 19th Oct. I did install over the top, I'll do a clean install and see if it fixes it.
  9. Got IE7 installed and CCleaner isn't clearing forms. Had to go to tools in IE7 to clear them. Does IE7 store form data in a different place to the old IE6? Anybody else noticed this?
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