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  1. opt

    Disk partitions

    I have a 200GB hard drive that is only recognized as 128. So i just partitioned the rest using disk management Do I have to like install windows on that separate partition and stuff for the 50GB to work? I want partition magic but dont want to spend $70...
  2. opt

    Wireless Help

    nevermind... the problem is a little more serious than i suspected. i am taking the computer into the shop and stuff. it is a problem with the actual wireless card itself. so admins: if you want to delete/close this thread, that is fine with me
  3. opt

    Wireless Help

    Hey, this is opt. I need help with my wireless network. have a d-link usb card in my computer, and it is reconized in my computer. (when i view the properties of My Computer, it's under 'Hardware'). Also, the card is in the system tray, and it's signal stregnth is good. When I go to start -> connect to -> show all connections, Under 'LAN or High-Speed Internet, there is only the 'Local Area Connection' icon. I think that if i can get back the 'Wireless Network Connection' icon, I will be able to connect back to the internet. I don't want to set-up a new wireless network, so the wireless network wizard doesn't help me. So, how do I go about restoring this icon, and connecting back to my wireless network? Thanks, opt
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