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  1. I too have seen this. I have a machine with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 with all updates installed. 5.16 will run without issue. Anything higher and it opens and then promptly closes down. I was thinking it might be a UAC issue. I have been using a tweak for UAC using secpol.msc as shown at http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/4-ways-to-make-uac-less-annoying-on-windows-vista/ using option number 2. I tried resetting it but no change. I tried both the regular version, the slim version and the portable version. I got a dump file with my last attempt on the portable version; I am attaching it within a ZIP file since I couldn't attach the DMP file directly. 5.16 works without issue. I use it on multiple operating system from XP all the way through Windows 10 and this is the first machine to ever give me issues. If you need more info to isolate the issue let me know. However I will be out of town until next Wednesday. So responses from me will be delayed. Thanks. Leland 565fb150-1bbe-40ec-b19e-567373bd28e8.zip
  2. Speaking as an administrator of a SBS2003 network; I use CCleaner on SBS 2003 with no issues. I expect once Defraggler comes out of Beta it will also be safe for use on SBS2003. That said I would be sure to have a good backup the first time you run it and do it without people in the office. That way if any issues come up you can recover without causing any problems. Good luck. Leland
  3. I've got one request, while it may be nice for some to have the custom Yahoo toolbar, I personally won't allow this on my network because it conflicts with our anti-spyware program. Could you please add an option to not install this? Also, it might be nice to decide which version to download so we don't waste bandwidth on something we won't use. Thanks. Leland
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