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  1. All good and sound advice. I have 'inherited' a problem child SBS2003 that is highly fragmented, (12GB C: Partition) with only 200MB left over, it is very unstable. I have migrated/moved as much data as possible over to the D: (55GB) but it is running out of space quickly. It seems to be an original Dell 1800 and adding additional drives is nearly impossible bec it seems to be very finicky. Any ideas or tips would be warmly welcomed I'm almost afraid to run the MS Defrag due to the fact it may take all night to run even on just 12GB partition, so I'm looking for something that can work well in this tight environment. Thanks in advance for any additional insights
  2. Hi, I have a server that is in serious need of defragging and would like to use something like this. Does anyone have any experience running this on a Microsoft Small Business Server? Any tips, tricks, gotchas to pass along? Thanks in advance! Thomas
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