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  1. I'm not certain if this problem was caused by malware or a virus. Suddenly, I'm no longer able to see images in HTML emails. I have no problem opening pictures saved on my hard drive, just images in emails. It could be due to a virus or other issue. I'm very frustrated at the idea of having to use "safe mode" just to run system restore. I've never had a problem like this one before (although over the years, I've had many others). I've just never been unable to run system restore.
  2. I apologize in advance if this is covered elsewhere...I just can't locate it and am exhausted. Anyway, I have a computer that runs Windows Vista. I am trying for the first time ever to run system restore. I have tried three different restore points and I keep getting an error message that says it was not successful and "an unspecified error occurred during system restore". I use Windows Vista Home Premium. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
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