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  1. keith1937


    Thank you Its working perfectly now. Keith
  2. keith1937


    I am using CC Pro I am getting the notice to update. I click and download the Download. Next time I turn the computer on and run CC I am getting the same update. It appears the latest update is not downloading correctly. Keith
  3. mta Thank you the Short Cut is up and running perfectly now. Keith
  4. I am using C Cleaner professional and all of a sudden it vanished where is it so I can re install CC again. Keith
  5. jaddorf It looks like its a common concern with Chrome & CC I notice you are using the "Free" version fair enough but I am using the Professional version and I should not be having a known concern. I also notice you have ticked all in the Chrome that includes the "Cookies". Question does it remove the "Saved Cookies" as well? I assume you are referring to CC. To the best of my knowledge I am up to date with CC Next question is to the CC what are they doing to fix this concern? Keith
  6. nukecad Yes it's ticked. Sorry if I am not explaining it better for you. I am far from a Computer Whiz plus age not helping I am only 80 years young. See if this helps There are a lot of Cookies after I open Google Chrome. Next step I tried this. Turned computer off. When I started the computer next time I only opened CC and all the Unwanted Cookies still there. When I turn the Computer on the little CC brush in the Taskbar is working. Is there something I am missing telling you or is there something I have not ticked. Keith
  7. To all I started the computer 12plus hrs later and all the cookies were still there. I then highlighted all of the unwanted Cookies and deleted them. Turned the Computer off waited a few minutes and turned it on again. All the unwanted Cookies removed. I am using Google Chrome. I opened my Homepage it's a News etc. Opened CC and saw many Unwanted Cookies. Turned computer OFF again. Restarted computer a few minutes later and all unwanted cookies still there. The way it's going it looks like there is a problem on CC re Removing Unwanted Cookies.
  8. nukecad I tried "Above" turned the computer off for about 45 minutes. I restarted the computer, the CC brush in the task bar started working soon after, it sweeped for about 20 seconds then stopped. I opened my programs then checked CC and all the unwanted Cookies are still there. I will highlight and delete them and see what happens when I open the computer tomorrow after using the computer for a short time now. What is the next step I can try. Keith
  9. Andavari I have to delete all of the unwanted manually before I shut CC down nukecad I will try this method and reply later today. Thanking you both Keith
  10. I am running MS 10 Is there some where I can tick so all the cookies not in saved list will be removed at either every cleaning or at closing computer. Thanking you Keith
  11. Mta Thank you for a very prompt reply. I have completed this Options > Advanced, click Restore default settings Being an Admin and a Mod on different Forums I know how much a prompt reply is appreciated. Keith
  12. I went straight to the Task View in my Task Bar and removed several older files. Ran CC and no problems at all. Next question where can I go to see what should be ticked in the CC Professional ? Thanking you Keith
  13. I am running W10 Lately its Skipping several files when Cleaning. Internet Explorer History Cookies *************** M/s Edge Cookies ****************** I checked the Chrome Settings and the "Uncheck" for Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed. It was Unchecked. Internet Explorer Cookies M/s Catche Cookies History Please Help I am not a computer expert just an average user. Keith
  14. Update on the Windows 10 Creators Update Linked Font Bug I am running W7. Off track for a second I will be connecting to our National Broad ban in a few days and after that my computer technician will be checking every thing and he should be able to fix the problem. Keith
  15. I am having the same concern in Outlook Fonts and Size not working using W7 Keith
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