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  1. Same here, Windows sometimes reports it as an application error and generates .dmp files. 1. No? - just updated Free version. 2. Yes - Malwarebytes is installed. 3. No - Malwarebytes is running in Free mode with no services running. 4. Yes - Win 7 64-bit
  2. I'm having intermittent crashes when I use the recycle bin right click and choose run cccleaner. Here are several crash dump files in a zip. Crashes.zip Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling and resetting options and using the builds page download all with the same result.
  3. Ok here is a screenshot of a schedule to run a Quick defrag at 10:35PM Every Day when 5% or greater fragment and when idle for 5 minutes, With Borderlands2 added to "Do Not start Task if given process running" http://dropmocks.com/mIw3xL There is no df64.exe in that directory so the task does not run. Here is what it looks like when i remove the checkbox "Do Not start Task if given process running" http://dropmocks.com/mIwG8J
  4. I have no idea, somthing is wrong when I tell Defraggler not to run when borderlands2.exe is running it changes the Defraggler action command to the directory of the the Steam app. Whats a good screen recording program? I could record the steps I or take a screenshot? This topic should be in the bug reporting section, I just saw that.
  5. Recently I wanted to schedule a defragment and saw the advanced option to not start if something was running, However after picking a game in the steam directory and setting the time. The action command that was added to the Task Scheduler is not a valid location. It says something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32\df64.exe". The settings were set to daily at 10pm, Defrag if 5% or greater, Stop at 72 hours, Defrag if idle for 5 minutes, Do not start if.. "borderlands2" running.
  6. Hello, I recently installed Final Fantasy 14 Online, Their game uses 136000 files, each of which are 100KB or less. Anyways those files were split all around my hard drive in two fragments each. After running Defraggler for a couple of hours the progress was only at 30%. I canceled and used WIN 7 built in defragment tool which only took about 20 minutes. I believe there is something currently wrong with Defraggler and how small files are handled but cannot offer a solution. Thank you. -SethTP
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