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  1. Yes Andavari, you are right: I could update my ordinary Portable Build of CCleaner on one of my USB-Sticks to CCleaner Pro just by entering my license key inside the About dialog - Yet i found this drawback: This enhanced portable build does _not_ allow to drag my desktop shortcut ["T:\Progs\CCleaner\ccleaner64.exe" /Auto] to the taskbar, while the official CCleaner Pro installed to folder "C:\Program Files\CCleaner" _can_ easily be dragged to the taskbar! pirat
  2. 1. For which time span will the paid amount of 19,95 Euro be good ? Or: After how many months or years will i have to pay a similar amount _again_?? Or: Are these paid 19,95 Euros valid for _all_ upcoming versions of CCleaner Pro ??? The emails a got from Piriform after ordering CCleaner Pro contain NO answer to this question !!! 2. I complain about the installer of CCleaner Pro: It does _not_ provide a free choice on which drive and folder CCleaner Pro is to be installed - It will automatically and always install to only this fixed "C:\Program Files\CCleaner" plac
  3. Before 2 days my old "RealPlayer" Version was updated to a new "RealPlayer Cloud" with Version - Today, this new version is NOT supported by CCleaner. Therefore, i don't get by CCleaner any cleaning of this very interesting new RP Cloud Version - Please, update asap winapp.ini to support this new RealPlayer Cloud! Thanx in advance pirat from Heidelberg, Germany a happy user of 4 piriform programs
  4. Same problem here on my Window 7 Ultimate 64-bit: My desktop shortcut [T:\Progs\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe /AUTO /SHUTDOWN] only performs the first part "cleaning all found issues" according to parameter "/AUTO", but the wanted second part "shutdown after cleaning" does _not_ work anymore in CCleaner's latest version (earler versions were ok). Please fix this asap! Sincerly pirat
  5. Ccleaner only cleans RealPlayer upto Version 15 - but i have already installed RealPlayer version downloaded from filehippo.com. Therefore ccleaner does not recognize my installed RP 16 at all! Please add support for RealPlayer 16. Sincerly, pirat from germany
  6. Thank you very much for these latest INI files! pirat
  7. Please also offer embedded INIs in the latest CCleaner v3.00.1303 which i just downloaded as a .zip file! Thanx in advance pirat
  8. Hello MrT, Thanx for embedded INIs in CCleaner v2.36.1233 - I just downloaded them! pirat
  9. Please also offer embedded INIs in the latest CCleaner v2.36.1233 which i just downloaded as a .zip file! Thanks pirat
  10. When trying to download the new "spsetup105.zip" from the "http://www.piriform.com/speccy/builds" folder, i _repeatedly_ get some errmsg from speccy's download server! This does _not_ happen for the standard build "spsetup105.exe" which comes with an installer - But i do _not_ want an installer... Please inform the webmaster of this damaged server! Thanks pirat
  11. Hello MrT ! I gave you a detailed answer to your question, see my quote in this posting. But i got so far no reaction from you, giving me further advice to solve my cookie problem! Could you please delete my posting #14 - I made a mistake when i created it, so it actually contains _nothing_ after the quote. Thank You pirat.
  12. In the CCleaner's Main Window under "CCleaner/Windows/Internet Explorer" i right-click the checked item "[v] Cookies" and then i see a contxt-menu containing these 3 items: Analyze Clean Restore default state When left-click in this context-menu the item "Analyze" then i see just 1 entry consisting of an IE8-Icon followed by the complete File-Path named "F:\Temp_D_\David\Cookies\david@real[1].txt" "david@real[1].txt" is the original cookie set by my RealPlayerSP (latest version) to easier track what i am doing with the RP-SP... This an _unwanted_ cookie and this cookie
  13. Hi MrT, i attached file "My CCleaner Cookies created by IE8 on Drive D.png", hoping it is good enough and shows the file names you want to know! BTW: My 2. Partiton "G:" does not have this cookie problem so far, maybe because i worked on 1. Partition "D:" at the time i received the 3 unwanted cookies. thanks, pirat
  14. Hello MrT - Official Bug Fixer! Assuming your posting relates to my first posting here at Piriform (just above your posting) my answer for my _all_ 3 problem cookies is: It is the icon of my _IE8_ (latest Version), _not_ of FF (i don't use) and _not of my G-Chrome! Can you give me with this information _further_ advice how to get rid of my 3 unwanted cookies? thanx in advance - pirat. ------ Update: I corrected my name displayed here in the forum.
  15. I have nearly the same problem with cookie-cleaning in CCleaner v2.34.1200 !! My Computer runs XP-SP3 (32-bit) with a dual-boot-configuration (one on Drive D:, the other on Drive G:). On both Partitions the same SW is installed, so each servs as a quick emergency backup when the 2nd Partition does not start... I regulary backup both system partitions using Acronis TrueImage - at least monthly, sometimes more frequently. CCleaner (and the rest of Piriform's Progs) reside on an USB-Stick, all are "portable" .zip versions without installer. Currently i use 2 Browers: IE8 and Chrome
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