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  1. Well, renaming CCleaner.exe to CCL.exe and getting it to work in Windows' normative state narrows down the possible culprits. Also, the subtle detail you mentioned seeing the mouse turn to an hour glass after double-clicking CCleaner.exe (before renaming the file) makes me believe CCleaner did execute but another process is terminating it before you see CCleaner's GUI being displayed. Post edited by moderator
  2. Can you be more specific? How are you opening CCleaner (link; directly from double-clicking on CCleaner.exe; command line)? When you say, "It does not start" do you mean the application doesn't even execute/load up or do you mean clicking "Run Cleaner" does nothing? If the application isn't even executing/loading up, try renaming "CCleaner.exe" to something like "CxC.exe" and double-clicking "CxC.exe". Often times Malware (if it is Malware) will run process killing functions against a predefined list of common utilities and "CCleaner.exe" could be included in that list. If you're *po
  3. If I have previously enabled the option "Minmize to System Tray" and I run CCleaner using the /AUTO switch, initially hovering the mouse over the system tray icon will display a tooltip with the percentage complete as it runs silently. As soon as I double-click the system tray icon to bring up the GUI and re-minimize it back to the system tray, hovering the mouse over the system tray icon will omit the percentage complete. Steps to reproduce: 0) Make sure you've dirtied up your system quite a bit with Internet cache, Recycle Bin items, etc... for the sake of this example. It's probably
  4. As of CCleaner 4.09.4471, when CCleaner is run and minimized to the system tray hovering over the system tray icon will produce a tooltip like the following: CCleaner (Cleaning... 25%) I would like a more descriptive tooltip which would display the current operation such as the following: CCleaner (Cleaning... 25%) Google Chrome Internet Cache ^ 57 characters (including the carriage return and line feeds [\x0D\x0A]) Now there would be times when you would have crazy-long tooltips such as the following: CCleaner (Cleaning... 25%) System Empty Recycle Bin X:\Some\Very\Very\Very\Very\
  5. In my limited testing, it will prompt you with that "Chrome needs to be closed" message if CCleaner detects any process with the name "chrome.exe" (regardless if it is the legitimate Google Chrome or not). Either: 1) Run Task Manager (TaskMgr.exe) before running CCleaner and look for any processes named "chrome.exe". 2) Open up cmd.exe and type: tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq chrome.exe" before running CCleaner. Report back.
  6. dima9751, Have you considered using a custom "winapp2.ini" file for your specific needs? Copy the following code into Notepad and save as "winapp2.ini" (using quotes) in the same directory as you have CCleaner. [Remote Desktop] LangSecRef=3025 Detect=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client Default=True FileKey1=%localappdata%\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache|*.* RegKey1=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default Open up CCleaner and look for the new "Remote Desktop" checkbox under the "Windows" category.
  7. CCleaner 4.09.4471 (19 Dec 2013) Windows 7 (32-bit) Please fix (or bring back) the "/SHUTDOWN" command-line parameter. I don't know if it was an intentional decision to remove the /SHUTDOWN parameter or is an unintentional bug from the inclusion of that checkbox in the GUI to shutdown after running CCleaner. While your changelog indicates that you've included an option to shutdown after cleaning many people rely on batch/powershell scripts to handle automated tasks. There are times where it's nice to launch CCleaner with just /AUTO (without shutting down) but at the end of the day,
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