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  1. Follow the above procedure BUT change it up alittle 1: disable hibernate and pagefile reboot 2: run defraggler (thereby defragging only the main system files) ** On a side note, I'll usually shutdown everything running in my system tray, the idea is less running process's = faster defrag, as well as not having to worry about some files not getting defragmented due to being in use. (whether or not this is accurate I can't say for sure, it's just a theory of mine and I do it ...lol) when defrag is complete enable hibernate and pagefile (your choice on which one you want directly after system files) reboot run defraggler and see the results I did do this, while typing this out on my laptop, defraggler didn't appear to be any slower without the pagefile results on 24.gb initial fragmentation Before 49% fragmentation after 0% seems to work **EDIT: I just did this on my laptop as well with the same results 0% when complete I'd like to add (may or may not be relevant to my findings) under defraggler/settings/options/defrag I have "move large files to end of drive" and "move only selected files types" both checked with their default settings
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