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  1. Thank's, but i already said good buy to my Diskeeper 2010!!!
  2. Doberman

    x64 version?

    It runs perfectly fine on my Win7 64bit!
  3. Wow, that is an amazing little app!!! Ok, i figured out what those two files are... Page file and Hibernation! I disabled Hibernation, as i don't use it and now the HIBERFIL.SYS was deleted and after Defraggler's job now i got 8% fragmentation, which is my 6GB Page file (i got 6GB of ram), i'm keeping my page file!!! I absolutely love how in Defraggler i can highlight individual fragmented block and see what it is and defrag it, it's very detailed and easy to use, GREAT JOB Piriform!!! Just LOVE it!!! Thanks!!! Aethec thank's for your help, you really helped me figuring this out!!!
  4. After that, i repeated the same thing and there was only 2 files left, but it still indicates 13% fragmentation!!! That's interesting!!! EDIT: I noticed that those two files are quite large, total weight of those two = a little over 10GB, which is about 13% of my 139GB harddrive!!! I tried to defrag those two files several times, but they just won't defrag!
  5. Ok, i did everything as you instructed, there are allot less files left after the process, but it's still indicates 13% fragmentation!
  6. Is there a way of seeing those files that are still fragmented?
  7. Hi all.... First i'd like to thank Piriform for there great apps!!! Now back to Defraggler: After i defrag my drive with Defraggler, it still showing 13% fragmentation after completion! Then i run Diskeeper 2010 (just to check) it shows a Yellow light as a warning status of fragmentation on my drive after Defragler's job! After i defrag with Diskeeper 2010 and it gives me a Green light (status of NO fragmentation), i open Defragler and it still indicates 13% fragmentation!!!
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