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  1. This may have been suggested but would it good if Defraggler has an "Auto-Defragmentation" feature? Like it will defrag your recent files when the system is idle for * seconds/minutes/hours???. It may also have an option if the CPU usage is high then the Auto-Defragmentation will halt. These are just some of my ideas. Feel free to add more. If this was suggested before then Piriform has the right to remove this topic.
  2. Lyronx


    hahaha I used gamekey revealer to steal the cd key of a game from an internet cafe.
  3. maybe recuva doesn't support FAT drives?
  4. Lyronx


    LMAO! i dont lol. I don't use my viruses for bad actions. I use it to see if those "Anti-Virus $20-50" programs actually work. I don't wanna waste 30 bucks on a crap anti virus software.
  5. its just false advertisements(everyone wants to make money or ruin people's lives). Besides I have scanned both of the software with multi anti virus programs and reported no any danger or whatsoever.
  6. Lyronx


    Sorry for doing this. I just thought that some names of my apps would make sense on what they do.
  7. Lyronx


    Here's all the apps I use. Just type them in Google or whatever search provider you have (please don't include the "setup"). I do not take any responsibility if you get infected by any type of virus, malicious, spy ware, etc. I have blackened out some apps because they are either: not trusted, obsolete, virus makers (no I don't go making viruses and send to everyone, I make viruses so I can test it on my old computer.) All the apps I use here have been scan thoroughly by my computer. Some of these programs are in ZIP archives when downloader, I have made an installer for them because I hate ZIP/any kind of archives. I have renamed some of these apps and you might not find them in Google so I will name the full name. VLC Media Player Auslogics Disk Defrag LameXP (do not include "Audio Encoder") Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware PS: The programs: TotalMedia Backup and Samsung PC Studio came with my HDD/Phone.
  8. Does this downloader work? I haven't tried it. You just choose the apps you want and get the installer and it installs the app you selected. http://www.freenew.net/
  9. Fine you guys win lol. If you think its a bad program then I'll accept that. No harm taken =)
  10. If its fake then how come I couldn't delete my OS Files using my other PC?
  11. since I have a new laptop... i have to use the 60 day trial norton 360. I don't even like it one teeny tiny bit. It was working fine for 2 weeks but whenever I try to open it up from the system tray, it would just show me a blank grey screen. Sigh... I wish this 60 days is over so I can delete norton 360 fully, including a Gutmann Method if I have to. AVG FTW!
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