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  1. What exactly is the difference between the UMS and MTP so that Recuva can't read the MTP. And will they ever be able to read it? If I change firmware it reformats the unit and I lose for good what I'm trying to recuva.
  2. How do I find out if I have UMS firmware installed? And what actually is the difference between UMS and MTB?
  3. I have an IRiver T10 MP3 player. I recently deleted a file and would like to "recuva" it, but when plugged in thru USB port it does not show up on the Recuva screen. It does show up on "My Computer" with all the files, and I can move them around, but Recuva isn't finding and listing it for a search. When I plug in an SD card it shows up fine, but not my MP3 player. Help???!
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