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  1. Thanks.. I will go and try that.. Should I do all of the defragging while in safe mode? I will let you know how it turns out.
  2. I only did the complete defrag in the normal mode.. I decided to start over and see what happens.. My computer is in the process at the moment.. Also what do you mean do I have a USB Flash Drive or external disk with free space on it? I don't have one connected to the computer at this time, but I do have some available.. What do you want me to do with those? Ok... I will stop the process and restart the computer in safe mode and do a total defrag from there... This will take awhile ... 24 hours or so... since my drive is big.. But I will check for your posts..
  3. Hi I tried what you said but it actually made things worse.. I started with 31% fragmented and now I have 35%.. What am I doing wrong?? I first removed the paging then the hibernation and finally restarted in safe mode and defragged the free space.. Is that what I should have done? Still frustrated..
  4. Hi, I am having a similar problems but mine is saying 31% fragmentation. I have noticed a few things. I have some video files that are pretty large over 2 or 3 gigs each and I also noticed that I have my hard drive set to compression mode. Would either of these situations cause my drive to still have 31% fragmentation? Can you tell me what I should do to help with this situation? Thanks
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