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  1. Linux based CD isnt bootable........BartPE CD doesnt function with Vista or 7........so i'll stick with Acronis linux bootable that works with XP, Vista & 7.
  2. Thanks marmite for your suggestions. 1. I don't have the option to create partitions while installing windows because the windows DVD I got is a Sony OEM version & not a retail one. 2. As to defrag Acronis support recommends to perform CHDSK & defrag before creating partitions so as to not get excess meta data if an image has to be restored.....strange though? 3. On my Vaio desktop I have a lot of space to create partitions & make full back up images at each step vs. my Dell XPS notebook running Vista where I cannot create multiple backups at each stage. 4. My aim is to install windows on both that would last a year plus.......trying to achieve a perfect clean install. Regards.
  3. How do I make a bootable CD........I tried it didnt work......used both Nero & ImgBurn?? Thanks.
  4. Thanks........Cold imaging is creating or restoring an image using the Bootable CD. Regards!
  5. Is MR Rescue CD bootable & able to perform COLD IMAGING........... image creation & restoration? Thanks.
  6. Marmite & redhawk kidly suggest the first few steps. Thanks!!
  7. I plan to start a fresh install on one machine.....so that I have acess to you smart members & the forum for assiatance if required. So to summarize what should be the initial few steps?, so that I could start with XP MCE? Thanks.
  8. Thanks Richard S........have this Vista on Dell.....Sony has XP MCE.......?
  9. DennisD I have ATI home Ed 2009......is that good enough? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the input I appreciate it.
  11. Thanks for the info......how does one create a BartPE on a media using windows bootable DVD.......just XP or Vista too?
  12. In what order??....... Thanks.
  13. Thanks I shall read about it.........you mean windows start faster? What are your thoughts about taking an initial back up image after CHDSK i.e after Step 7........I have alot of room on my drives? Regards!
  14. Whats that.....how does one install it .........any advantges of that? Thanks.
  15. Plus the windows I got with my machines dont have the option to perform a complete format........Sony & Dell vista/XP MCE.
  16. Heard that a low level /zero full format is good using the drive manufactures software or Deban? I use Acronis isolinux DD10 boot CD to create partitions. Thanks.
  17. What's BartPE & how does defraggler do a boot time defrag with it.......cause with out boot time one shall always have excess meta data? Thanks.
  18. I prefer to turn off system restore, hibernation, & disable some windows services from the very start..........
  19. Accidently deleted my IE dsktop default icon on my Dell XPS1730 laptop running Vista 32 bit.......can I restore it......if yes kidnly suggest. Thanks.
  20. Imaging software???depends on how good & exact the restoration is & not how fast the image is created that's the whole logic.....ATI vs. NG vs. MR??.I have tried restoration with the first two but never with MR???..MR cannot even create a bootable rescues CD??..?? Whats a BartPE....how does one create it & its utility & functionality?? I apologize about my ignorance am a noob..... just started to learn computers when life is ending. Hoping to hear from you, Thanks.
  21. Hi ???what steps & in what order should be done to install a fresh OS?..like drive prep etc. 1. Low level format. 2. Install windows. 3. Install all its updates. 4. Install Office & its updates. 5. Install a defragger???defrag the whole drive before partition creation. 6. Create partitions. 7. Perform CHDSK. 8. Install antivirus & anti malwares. 9. Install Utilities. 10. Windows disk clean up. 11. Take a back up image??.would would you suggest hot or cold imaging??.using a IsoLinux bootable CD? Kindly correct & suggest the steps & what softwares whether antivirus/security/utilities do you personally recommend........waiting to learn from your experience. The reason for making a complete back up of my newly created machine is avoid the hassle of reinstalling & customizing the softwares etc. Thanks.
  22. I dont really understand.....get it why would ya want to do this.......what are you looking to gain.....I have all running & its taking much less comit charge/ memory usage than ver. 4.8.
  23. I tried both........i.e MBAM, SAS, in real mode on friend's machine.......& found MBAM to be the better.......it blocked some IPs......detected 3 malware Trojons & Worm bagle that SAS & Avast missed.........SAS only detected 2 tracking cookies .........using IE 8 & not FF to have an option of blocking tracking cookies.....so to summarzie Avast 5 & MBAM (real time) are good enough........as to cookies I could try FF as my default browser......btw SAS uses more memory resources in real time vs MBAM........no fun in buying both....what are your thoughts. Thanks again, Regards! removed log - Visit the Spyware Hell forum please - Ror
  24. Thanks for your input it was of great help.......appreciated. Regards!
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