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  1. I'd like to suggest a "Stop or pause defrag" time period. For example, if Defraggler is running and this time period is set to 3am-7am, it'll stop at 3am and optionally continue at 7am. Scott
  2. During defrag, after the filenames, I'd like to see something like: (45mb, 173 fragments) Scott
  3. For the second time, I've lost over 100gb in shadow copies while running Defraggler. I've changed some settings in the registry to try to prevent this in the future, but I'd like to make a suggestion... Add a "slow" defrag option that allows reducing Defraggler's disk I/O. Maybe add some settings to go along with the feature like time to wait between files and automatically pausing when other disk and/or CPU activity increases. A repeat option to reanalyze and restart the defrag when done or after a certain period of time would be nice. I know there's a schedule option, but I prefer no
  4. I'd like to see another custom color in the list for excluded files. Scott
  5. I'd like to see some "move to" features. In the file list, right click to move the selected file or files to the beginning, middle, or end of the drive. In Options/Defrag tab, instead of just moving all the files to the end, allow beginning, middle, or end to be specified in the Edit category box. Add a feature to allow moving unused files (based on last accessed date?) out of the way of the higher-performance files. Files that are never accessed can be selected for moving to the middle or end of the drive. This would be similar to archiving on another product. That's really the
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