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  1. Thanks! So that's what's going on - it finds the e-mails in Thunderbird's own hidden folder, and reassembles them. Meaning that they were never deleted in the first place, just hidden.
  2. I don't see the option to not recover deleted emails. CCleaner doesn't seem to get rid of this file even after wiping free space using the Gutmann method. Also, I deleted Thunderbird some time ago, so I can't compact email folders since I don't have any. There any other way to get rid of or prevent this file Recuva keeps creating?
  3. When I look at all recoverable files, and then wipe them out with the Gutmann method, I always find "Thunderbird emails.zip", which is always recoverable. But it won't let me delete it. I understand that the ability to recover old emails is a feature of Recuva, which will definitely help many people, but I'd like the option to securely delete that file as well. Is there a way to do it? Is there another program that will let me do it?
  4. I don't see the "directory entries" setting. Where is it? I have the latest current version of Eraser.
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