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  1. Forget about space, but most annoying thing is that the files size/date/name who are remaining in the MFT. That data can't be at least overwritten?
  2. +1 Let's take a simple test with CCleaner v2.18.878 (2009.03.26) That was fun! Reduced to ~1/3 of it's initial size
  3. Permanent erase filename entires from folders for deleted/unrecoverable files. Simple example: from over 56.000 files found on only one partition of my HDD, only maximum 20 can be recovered due to low disk of space (less than 10MB) data for others being overwritten already. What use makes to me non-recoverable filenames? Useless waste of space in folders. This may also be applied to Defraggler who forget to erase them since are no more recoverable due to moved data. Thank you in advance.
  4. new option in Options - Advanced Show detailed log of Opera temporary files IE/FF temp files have that option already. I really don't want to know/see in log what (lots of) temp files of Opera have been deleted. Thanks!
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