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  1. I'd also appreciate the option to revert to the old GUI, as I find the new look to be much too bright and lacking delineation. At the very least, please separate the buttons and fields with thin, black lines. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. So I take it you're recommending I ignore "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" ? In that case, I'll do just that and put this thread to rest after a final thank you very much to everyone who helped; I appreciate it .
  3. I've known all along that the list of possible "LangSecRef"'s is at the beginning of the winapp2.ini file; it's a list of possible "LangRef"'s for which I've been searching. Maybe the twelfth time's the charm ...
  4. Nergal: thanks for your reply. I'm only curious as to possible options for "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" because, while working on the custom Opera cleaning options, I noticed that if I delete "ID=xxxx" and-or "LangRef=xxxx" (I didn't dig too deeply on variations) from an entry then odd things, such as a change in category order under a heading, occur. Being me I just wanted to play around with the different numbers ("xxxx" options) to further customize my custom Opera cleaning, but I guess if the possible number codes for "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" aren't findable then that'll just have to satisfy my brain itch .
  5. No need to be sorry; I'm grateful for any help . For whatever reason, "LangSecRef"'s are the only things listed on the winapp2.ini file, and all my searching has uncovered no "ID=xxxx" or "LangRef=xxxx" options. Grrr. Or would that be . Perhaps Winapp2.ini will take pity on me.
  6. Alan_B: thanks for the thought but I'm aware of the list of "LangSecRef"'s atop the winapp2.ini file. What I'm searching for is a list of "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" options for the winapp2.ini, but it seems as if they're a more closely guarded secret than the recipe for original Coke .
  7. Alan_B: thank you again very much for sharing from you bag of tricks . Nergal: I hope you had a good break , and thanks for explaining a patch; I'll delve deeper with Google now that I've an idea. And my only remaining question is what are the available options for "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" in a winapp2.ini file?
  8. Alan_B: Geez, I was proud that I actually thought to open every site in my default Opera install that I ever log into, then log into each of those sites, then exit my default Opera install and open CCleaner to save all the applicable cookies, then run CCleaner, then copy the resultant default-install-saved-cookies-only cookies4.dat file into a conveniently located folder (after making a backup copy) in my custom Opera install so that I can copy-and-paste this "Alan_B_Perfect ©" cookies4.dat file to its required location in my custom Opera install after each running of CCleaner to replace the just deleted cookies4.dat file. I'll have to re-read your last post and peruse the links, but I'm sure the ideas are good and thanks again . EDIT: After reading the links that Alan_B so kindly provided, and several failed attempts at creating a hard link via the command prompt, I bumped into this: SymbolicLinkCreatorPortable1.1.0.5 and was able to very quickly create a hard link (pretty cool, that) to my default Opera install's cookies4.dat file in its respective location in my custom Opera install. And it works perfectly: with "Cookies" ticked in CCleaner for my default Opera install and unticked for my custom Opera install (because I had to settle for deleting the cookies4.dat file in the custom winapp2.ini), saved cookies are saved and unwanted cookies are deleted for both Opera installations. Now to keep trying to find possible options for "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx"...
  9. Winapp2.ini: I found the following information about how Opera manages cookies, and snipped a shot of Opera's Cookie Manager as well (see attachment): "Manage cookies: Displays your Server Manager, which lists all the domains you currently have cookies from. You can add new domains, delete the domains you do not wish to keep cookies from, and edit cookie settings specifically for each server." Alan_B: remind me to never play chess with you . A freshly cleaned copy of my default Opera install's cookies4.dat file did work perfectly when substituted for my custom Opera install's cookies4.dat file; that is, after the substitution, any site into which I'm automatically logged when visiting in my default Opera install I was also automatically logged into when visiting in my custom Opera install. While a bit of a workaround, it's still better than nothing. And thank you very much.
  10. Alan_B: I just tried AptDiff but it couldn't open a .dat file; thanks for the idea, though . After more searching for information I don't foresee being able to filter which cookies are deleted in my custom Opera install--at least until Opera changes the way it stores cookies--but it's not such a big deal since I (hope I) shouldn't need to utilize the custom install too often (it's for slow connections). I still can't find any list of possible "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" for a winapp2.ini file, though.
  11. Googling for answers I bumped into this in Opera's knowledge base (emphasis is mine): Opera supports the exact same format for setting cookies as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This means that Opera will be able to accept all cookies that work with these browsers. Cookies are stored in the file named cookies4.dat located in the user's Opera profile folder (on Linux known as .opera, on Macintosh called Opera Preferences). It is not possible to edit the file cookies4.dat by hand in order to remove unwanted cookies from your hard drive, but you can use Opera's server manager (go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies, click "Manage cookies"). Web developers should note that Opera does not store cookies sent from files loaded with the "file://" protocol, that is, local files on your hard disk. The reason is that such cookies are considered a privacy risk. I take this to mean that there's no way I can add a "Cookies to Keep" list to the custom Opera cleaning options, unless someone knows differently. Now to figure out "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" options...
  12. Thanks for the idea, Alan_B, but the results (see attachment) are similar .
  13. I tried to open cookies4.dat with Notepad but this is the result (see attachment). Also, while you're about, Winapp2.ini, do you happen to know where I could find a list of "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" options? Thanks again for all your help.
  14. Wow, Winapp2.ini, you must read minds, as you were answering my question while I was trying to ask it more clearly . After reading your reply I understand what you typed but I can't find any individual cookies, all I see is cookies4.dat.
  15. Alan_B: thanks for your reply. I did notice the list of "LangSecRef" in the winapp2.ini file but was hoping for a list of "ID=xxxx" and "LangRef=xxxx" so that I could further customize my custom entries. I Googled all word combinations that I could imagine but came up with no useful information, although I image it exists somewhere. I'll keep trying. As for the cookies, I think that I wasn't lucid enough in my original question. While I'm easily able to keep the cookies of my choice (sites where I log in, etc.) in my default Opera install by going to Options/Cookies in CCleaner and selecting accordingly, when using your earlier advice to find exactly which files-folders CCleaner deletes I discovered that, unlike the other categories, viewing the detailed results of the default Opera install's "Cookies" analysis doesn't show a file path (see attachment). Thus, I was forced to settle for deleting the entire cookies file, "C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\Opera\10.63\cookies4.dat", in my custom Opera install, which unfortunately means that even the cookies on my "Cookies to Keep" list are deleted. I did, however, notice that the ccleaner.ini file has a list "CookiesToSave=aaaa.com|bbbb.org|cccc.xxx|..." and was wondering if I could somehow incorporate it into my custom winapp2.ini "Cookies" entry so that the cookies of my choice aren't deleted in my custom Opera install. Basically, I was able to figure out how to exclude-include files within a folder while creating my custom winapp2.ini file, but I can't figure out how to exclude-include specific bits of a file, in this case the cookies4.dat file. Any help would be much appreciated.
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