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  1. I believe I got a problem too My CPU is AMD A4 7300 APU and temperatures indicated by Speccy are between 39° and 75° as with Aida64 it is 25° to 30° for the CPU and 0° to 20° for the cores
  2. I am looking for a software wich give us an alarm when a new folder or a new file is created somewhere and at any moment. So it seemed that it is too difficult to manage a permanent low noise scan. Even Kaspersky seems unable to do that ! All scan is always a major use of the performance of the system as if it was a question of rapidity.
  3. OK I see in the history of my system that I have no trace of new installed applications at these dates Creation date is 2008 at the day where I first connected to the internet. (and I installed my old USB ADSL Modem) 20140630 a index.dat in it has this creation date, it was last modified 20160118 and IndexDatSpy find it empty now Then 20150628 I made the last clone back up of the partition (if I restore it, this folder should be empty) 20150920 is the first date when a subfolder appears in it (supposing none are destroyed) The subfolders seem to be created every 2 days in average o
  4. Does somebody know what use is it ? This folder is C:\Documents and Settings\Propriétaire\UserData It contains folders with code names as HP514Y0H or W4AO79DV What is it for ? According the dates no new folder since 20151228 and i am surprised of that because other dates are more regular
  5. Now I see this folder with the path C:\Documents and Settings\%userprofile%\ but cannot tell if index.dat may appear in it !
  6. Yes, so I wanted to point out that it is dangerous to make believe the people that we can easily clean all traces, as the reality is all different ! First we had the problem of the PrivacIE index.dat I had posted %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\PrivacIE\index.dat and recently I discovered 3 problems : > this cryptURLcache > 2 other doubtful items with Firefox : \%profilefolder\storage\default\ and \%profilefolder\storage\temporary\ content twitter items among others > one I had just discover because it stops last version Adlice Roguekiller's filescan : C:\Documents and Settings\%
  7. Thanks but I discovered at this occasion, that I got no winapp.ini nor winapp2.ini : ??? I transfer custom settings by a ccleaner.ini file.
  8. C:\Documents and Settings\Propriétaire\Application Data\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache
  9. Under XP (and further versions ?) it seems to be a sort of browser history for the System, it seems to be harmless to clear it. Why not doing this ? I do not understand though what it is used for. Internet browsing activity is not each time associated with changes of the files in it. But most of the time a session ends with a new file.
  10. In the cleaning of Windows Explorer under XP SP3, I wonder if something could not be cleaned by CCleaner : the Favorites These are bookmarks whose existence can be easily forgotten because Windows Explorer is not an internet navigator then I had a collection of very old bookmarks ther, I deleted them one by one doing a registry and file log and I discovered two things : 1st : these were files in this location C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Favorites\ whiche were deleted 2nd : BUT it seems that windows at that moment found necessary to write all this names as data in the registry key HKEY_U
  11. Yes, OK , I had a doubt because It was impossible for me to defrag a 120 Go NTFS 8k cluster size formated partition. It was first fragmented to 53 % with 24% free space = no way, but with 32% fragmentation and 57 % free space it was not better but though it was conscensciously working as if it wanted to perform the task for hours .... I had finally to empty that partition I profit the occasion to format a 4 Go partition and make transfer tests on it with different cluster sizes and between 512 o and 64ko I did not see any difference what ever the size of the files tested from 4 ko to 512 ko
  12. I tested JK Defrag .... http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/188313JKDefrag.jpg I think I have what I said upper, left to do ...
  13. Well I think that my solution could work as well as OoDefrag solution, though it is perhaps longer with a risk of deleting something if not beeing organised enough About this subject I wonder though if it is possible to clone a system partition by copying the files of the first system to another partition and after that, it could boot by restoring a bootable sector with something like Partition Wizard.
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