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  1. Thanks for Recuva: Thanks for a wonderful application which have saved me many times, even if I do proper backups the most important thing is always the one missing. Suggestion: Add the function to search a 1:1 disk image in Recuva, even with other filesystems the files on block level do not look that different do they? Remember that a 1:1 disk image created by DD may or may not have a file extension. Background history: Not long ago I connected a rather new Android device to my computer to backup all pictures and movies. It connected trough the PTP protocoll which did only show certain sound and image files. This combined with my quick delete finger did not make a good combination, I deleted a folder I thought was empty. This was something I discover later when I looked at the device and discovered there were another protocol to use(mode) MTP so I switched and began to see more files, but I could not find my movies. Because both these protocols do not allow the user to access blocks directly I had to root the device and use the DD command to make a 1:1 copy of the disk to my memory card, because of how Recuva works. I honestly don't know how one would recover in another way. The good old UMS (USB Mass Storage) protocol is not available on the newer Android systems which makes recovering a lot harder. That is something which should be discussed with Google though. Anyway now I am sitting here with this 1:1 disk image which to begin with works poorly in a Windows environment because of the filesystems. So even if I mount it using an application such as Alcohol 120% I would not be able to access the partitions because they are according to Windows 'broken' or RAW because Windows does not understand linux filesystems.
  2. hmmm... this seem's interesting.. i been using CClean for ages and always had all boxes checked i never had any problem with CC yet i have stopped a couple of free space wipes but never got any problem.. =/ also.. you said you could come as far as choosing safe boot and stuffs.. then i belive your HD is still working just problems with the system.. which could be easily solver by just installing a new install of xp/vista/win7/kubuntu/ubuntu/ect.. hmm did you buy a new HD or computer? or did your OS cost 200 bucks? .. (i am a pirate...) If you did buy a new comp you can make the old one work easily by doing this (this is for xp,vista,win 7): Use a good boot recovery cd like Hiren's boot cd use the partition tools and delete partitions and wipe(1) them no idea to overwrite more then 1 time cause if you write 0 one time or 35 times it is still 0 (0x0=0, 00000000x0=0) then make a new parition (Prim, NTFS) also i do usually save 7-8mb free space before and after the partition i got no answer to why then use a good fully working OS Cd and reinstall the OS make a clean install then it should be working.. i dunno if this is to any help for anyone but anyway..
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