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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok you have made it clear that I must be pretty stupid and that it is my fault that I trashed my own drive by using this tool. Ok. Thanks for the help then. Later and thanks again. Great forum. Keep up the good work. Is that about it then? Alrighty then!
  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I guess you are saying that this has been an issue before with others? Please clarify for my tech-stupid self. Thanks. Also, I think I saw a long list of error message scroll past and then disappear during my attempts to boot. They all had something to do with partition drivers.
  3. I have been using the cleaner for a year or more and no problems...UNTIL I decided that the guttman wipe was taking too long and I opted to hit the cancel button. It was wiping free-space at the time. I am contacting you via my "new" computer which I just got up and running. When I tried to boot up the next day with the old system, it would not launch windows, even in safemode. Took it to the shop. HD had fried sector. This problem occured the very next session after cancelling the wipe of free space. I had no previous boot problems or system problems for that matter. Be very careful. This mistake costed me 200 bucks. At this point, I am afraid to run cccleaner on my new system. Just thought you all might like to know about this.
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