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  1. I would like to see some of the following introduced into Defraggler. When browsing the settings and options menu, I would like to see a help button to describe what each option does. There is a small question mark at the top left of the options window, but it doesn't do anything. Have a list of the excluded folders that are excluded by default and greyed out, just to show us what folders they are. Maybe show another percent complete counter, for large files or for files that will take over 30 secs to complete. Show a 'Check Updates' option in the help dropdown menu. Have an option to move folders to the start of the drive. Have an option, somewhere, to show some drive information, like, make, model, SMART information. Using the SMART information from the drive, show the current health status of any drive. Have an option to report bugs, or faults, with a small diagnostic of the system, like windows version, amount of memory, list of hard drives installed, version of Defraggler, etc. Show the version of Defraggler in the title bar, like CCleaner. Maybe introduce an all-in-one package, that includes, Defraggler, CCleaner, and Recuva. Have an option to minimize Defraggler to the system tray area. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. And a big THANKS for all your hard work in all of your products. I use them everyday and I also say to everyone to use your products, as they are fast, and safe, and easy to use.
  2. When I install Defraggler, doesn't matter what version, I always select the following options: DON'T install the yahoo toolbar, DON'T automatically check for updates, DO add start menu shortcuts, DON'T add desktop icons. Yet, when I run defraggler after installation and go into the settings and options, there is a tick in the 'Automatically check for updates to Defragger'. Why?
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