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  1. Every time CCleaner runs, Cortana and the Windows app store disappear until I reboot the machine. I do understand what Nergal says, but a. it isn't advertised like that, and b. which of us is technologically competent to make the decision as to whether to delete something or not? The whole point of something like CCleaner is that it should be fire and forget. It sells itself on "Easy to use, one click cleaning so beginners can optimize their computers in seconds". The paid for version advertises itself as having "Automatic background cleaning".
  2. I installed 2.08 following the prompt, and proceeded to defrag my drive. It started OK and I left it to its own devices. When I returned, it had crashed. SO I closed and restarted; same again - lasted half a minute. Must be me, so I did it again, and defraggler crashed again. SO I did a chkdsk, restarted, same again.. SO I rebooted and restarted, same again. Microsoft has by now got a lot of reports from me. OK, so uninstall and reinstall. Same again. So uninstall, install 2.06, works OK and has happily defragged my hard drive. Windows 7, 64 bit. Up to date with all MS updates. I only had one prgram running - defraggler.
  3. Agreed strongly. This was driving me batty yesterday. I could not find out why I am still 18% fragmented and defraggler was moving files around but never changing the one file that was fragmented. When I first ran defraggler it got down to 14% fragmented, but with only that one file it is now up to 18%. It makes no sense whatsoever.
  4. So why doesn't defraggler have a note that it will not defrag this? It would save a lot of heartache. It tells me I am 14% fragmented so that would suggest that i need to continue to defragment my drive, but there is only one file fragmented. But 5 minutes later there are 9 files (antivirus program updated).
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