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  1. I had sorta considered that, but the difference is dramatic. Although the work computer has like 30 running processes and I have like ten. Thanks
  2. Wonder if any of yall have had this problem. I run CC at work and home. At work, I've set it to 7 passes, and it shows. The cleaning process is quite slow, especially if I've deleted a large video or something. But no matter what I do, on my home pc it only does one pass. I've checked the 7 pass option, and it just wizzes right through it. Both pc's have the same specs. Would there be any reason it would work on one and not another? Is this feature dependant upon a Windows service perhaps that I may have disabled?
  3. Add/Remove programs... It's a useful thing. Where else can you get such an awesome cleaner for free? If I have to remove it as the price of having this, big whoop.
  4. Hi all, Crap Cleaner is great for cleaning out temp files, but when I've used the registry cleaner, it doesn't find nearly all the entries that other software does. Is this registry cleaner good enough to rely upon as my sole source of registry maintainence? If not, why is the feature even in the program and will it be improved in the future? Thanks
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