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  1. No offense but you guys really screwed up with this latest version. Yes you can simply uncheck the yahoo toolbar box, however my problem is I personally have to fix plenty of computers infected by spyware... The average user does not know to uncheck the yahoo toolbar option or any spyware adware option, which im sure what you guys are wishing in order to make money... But thats the problem I used to be able to recomend your software for users to install themselves to keep their computers running smoother. It was lightweight and fast and of course most important free and adfree. Bundleing crap software just makes no sense to me esspecially with the reputation you guys now have. Understanding you guys would like to make some cash.. Not sure how much you do make for that guessing its a decent lump since im seeing more and more software have that godforsaken toolbar. Maybe have it default as unchecked such as irfanview did at least so that users who arnt sure what they are doing dont install that thing.
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