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  1. Follow up to Nov 20 posting - Recently had accumulated several restore points in system. Ran regular Defraggler; it was 49% at 20 minutes; it took another 20 minutes to get to 51%, so I canceled it. Deleted all but most recent restore point, as that solved problem last time - not so this time. Quick Defraggler ran in 15 seconds. Also ran Vista supplied defragger which completed in 30 min. Ran full Defraggler - it was 50% in 1 minute and 81% in 4 minutes. It stalled at 81%. It shows files being read and written, but no change in percent done. Canceled at 32 minutes. If Defraggler won't complete in less time than the Vista supplied defragger, why run it??
  2. Eliminated all but current restore point. This dropped used disk space from 70 GB to 34GB. Microsoft Defrag ran in 45 minutes. Quick Defraggler ran in seconds. Full Defraggler ran to completion in 11 minutes! My problem is solved. Thanks.
  3. Similar problem with Defraggler. 1. Ran Quick Defraggler, which completed in about a minute. 2. Ran Microsoft defragger; completed in an hour. 3. Started Defraggler. It ran 3 hours and was at 40%, so I cancelled it. I have done this at least 3 times. System is 1.86 dual core with 2GB RAM, Vista Home Premium. Disk being defragged is 320 GB with 70 GB used and 250 GB free space.
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