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  1. I would like a defrag feature to sort files on disk by folder. Lets imagine a larger disk, like 1000GB and we have installed like 30 games, each is his folder. But each folder, even with 0% fragmentation, can has all files spread along the 1000GB disk, reducing disk performance by a lot. Example hard disk random sorted: d:\ -FolderGame1 -SubFolder2Game10 -SubFolder1Game5 -FolderGame7 -FolderGame8 -SubFolder1Game7 -SubFolder1Game1 -SubFolder2Game2 -SubFolder2Game3 . . . And that's only with folder, files can be stored even worse. I would like to do a sort-defrag by folder, to sort files in drive stored contiguous in the same region of hard disk, reducing disk head movements and greatly improving performance. Example hard disk sorted: d:\ -FolderGame1 -SubFolder1Game1 -SubFolder2Game2 -FolderGame2 -SubFolder1Game2 -SubFolder2Game2 -FolderGame3 -SubFolder1Game3 -SubFolder2Game3 . . . The only way I found to get something like this, is store each game on separated partitions, and believe me, it great improves hard disk performance but is a pain to manage. I hope you will add such feature to Defraggler, thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.
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