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  1. I agree with Dennis on the Auto registry cleaning. I use the Registry clean option all the time as well as the one with Ace Utilities. I have yet to experience any minor issues let alone major but why take the risk. As far as the cleaning of all users profile, perhaps just the internet cache and Temporary folder but all users should be cleaned even if not by default.
  2. If you have a lot of problems with BHO's and entries added to the Hosts file you should download and run Spy-Bot and Malwarebytes to clean your system of Ad-Ware, Mal-Ware and Spy-Ware. Also run a Virus Scan. This is the only reason I know off that you would regularly have these types of programs. I am a Computer Technician. On average I need to do at least 1 computer clenup a week, sometimes as many as five or six. I use CpmboFix, Spybot, Malwarebytes, MLin's Start Up List, Hi Jack this, the anti-virus installed on the system, and sometimes more then that on badly infected system
  3. I would like to see more command line options for Defraggler. Include command line options for: Installing / Uninstalling Check for Errors Analyze Full, Free Space and Quick Defrag Check for and automatically install updates silently Create a log after analyze and defrag A silent feature that can be used with all other command line options Not sure if it can or not so I will mention it, the command line program should be able to use the settings in the INI file Edit: It would be nice to have the command line defrag all drives whether simultaneous of successive.
  4. In this post I will discuss the features I do not like / disagree with. If the only purpose of the exclusion list is to allowing skipping the Internet Cache folder or the temp directory etc, then the exclusion list needs to be removed. There are countless programs to delete internet cache, temporary files and other junk files. One of these programs is made by Piriform (CCleaner) and a second is included with windows (Disk Cleanup). I have actually seen a computer performance improve just buy deleting the internet cache and other junk files Moving files from one drive to another and
  5. First I want to say that Defraggler and CCleaner are both fantastic programs. I have not yet used any other programs from Piriform. Second I have some comments about options / features suggested by other users. First I will comment on the options / features I like and agree with then in a second post the options / features I dislike and disagree. Then in a third post list the options I would like to see added Defrag all drives attached to system (excluding network drives) -- I would agree with simultaneous or successive defrags of multiple hard drives. The user could choose between
  6. Are their command line options for installing and un-installing defraggler at the command line?
  7. I have been asked to create a script that will uninstall CCleaner by my one of my boss'. I love the program though. I am fine with just deleteing the folder if that is the only files and folders that is created during install
  8. Is it possible to silently uninstll CCleaner? If so how can I find information about how to do this?
  9. I want to use a script to install CCleaner but I do not want the yahoo toolbar to be installed. How can I automate installing ccleaner with out installing the yahoo.toolbar?
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