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    firefox cookies

    I always get error 75 Path/File access error when I try to manage Firefox cookies with Cclean. I've posted the problem but I get no response. You should be able to go to Option/Cookies and list the cookies you want deleted and the ones you want to keep. If only it worked!
  2. I've always gotten error 75 when I mark the FireFox Cookies box! I'd love to have Ccleaner control my FireFox cookies but it has never worked so I leave the box unchecked. I make my Firefox cookies.txt Read Only. FireFox then generates cookies_n.txt files. I wrote a .bat file to delete them. I have a quick launch icon for the .bat file next to the Ccleaner quick launch icon. The cookies I want stay and new ones are deleted. If I really want a cookie added, I remove the Read Only attribute temporarily until the new cookie is added. Then I set it back to Read Only. It's the only way I've found to manage cookies in FireFox or Netscape. For IE, I just delete all the cookies I get after I absolutely have to use it. It is now Nov 4, 2006, version 1.34.407 and I still get the same error. Is there a CClean guru that has an answer? This is pretty basic stuff! ======================================================= The problem still exists in version 1.35. Why can't this problem be addressed?
  3. I set up the cookies I want/don't want. When I run analyze, the cookies I want deleted in Firefox are found and reported deleted. Of course, in analyze they are not deleted. Then I click Run Cleaner and I get an error 75 saying that there is a path/file access error. CClean found the file, looked into it, it is not read only and yet it can't edit it. Anybody have any ideas? I'm running XP Pro.
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