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    Does this work?

    damm it....if only it worked
  2. "As it turns out, Windows XP Professional (which this tweak requires, by the way) allocates only 20 percent of the available bandwidth to your internet connection. Run gpedit.msc and go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler and set the Limit Reservable Bandwidth setting to enabled and the limit to 0%. You can squeeze additional download speed from your connection." Taking 4m http://www.lexundesigns.com/. Has any 1 tried it....how does it work etc. happy nu year every1
  3. gr81

    PC Speakers

    Got my speakers 2day My Speakers
  4. gr81

    PC Speakers

    Thanks 4 da recommendations..any others
  5. gr81


    Use WinRar Thats what I use
  6. gr81

    PC Speakers

    I dont wana spend more than ?50. I dont thing I can get surround sound with this kind of price range:( Im looking in ebay...but dont know which one is the best for my money
  7. gr81

    PC Speakers

    Ok my Advent Juster TGX-S2500 stereo speakers stoped working.....Its the push-button switch "on/off" that doesnt work anymore . I tried to fix it but no result. So what I wana know is which Multimedia Stereo Speakers should I buy and you guys recommend any?
  8. Why is he selling something that is free.....and why would some one pay for something that is free? That's Capitalism 4 ya all
  9. gr81


    From Blues to Metal
  10. CC keeps {coming} more quickly than a man with a PERMATURE EJACULATION problem But gr8 news....It is the best free thing 4 your/my PC.
  11. Can it be downloaded with out "Validation Required" BS?
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