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  1. Since Defraggler was running exceedingly slowly on my machine (>20 hours and only 15-20% defragged on a simple 250 Gb SATA drive), tried running in debug mode. Let it run for a bit, killed it (had to use task manager to kill the process, in fact), looked at the debig log, and founds *lots* (1000's) of the following error messages: [2009-05-15] [09:34:58.714] 02384 1 VolumeBitmapCache::ReloadFromCluster#101 FSCTL_GET_VOLUME_BITMAP for handle 0x00000588, lcn: 85458944 failed with error code 87 Suggestions?
  2. I have had the exact same problem. 250 Gb SATA drive, XP SP3, Defraggler 1.10.143. After >20 hours, only defragged 15% of the drive! Previously (say, last week), it worked perfectly. Not sure what has changed. I'd be happy to follow the previous post and run in debug mode, but isn't the debug log generated only if Defraggler finishes? If so, then not likely, since I'm not going to wait the days and days it might take to finish.
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