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  1. ie7 was designed to not save cookies/passwords after rebooting. at least never have gotten it to work, thusly, the machines of mine that still have ie6, will always have ie6. ever since ie7 and it's not being intelligent enough to remember passwords/usernames i WANTED it to remember at websites, i've been using mozilla, no, not that crapware firefox either. thought maybe ie8 finally had it figured out with the "preserve favorites website data" thing, but between crapcleaner and spybot trying to figure out how stupid ie8 is, it's turning into a bigger mess than necessary. am using most recent versions of everything.
  2. i have multiple computers all set up exactly the same way. crapcleaner does hang on every single one of them, but this one i'm now, it simply will not complete a registry scan. stops at either 26% or 36% everytime. just uninstalled and reinstalled. no difference. had so many different versions of this that i deleted all the past version now too!
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