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  1. Lumps

    New External

    If you use manufacturers disc, or (Maxtor, Seagate, Asus Etc.) It has menu options to Zero Or One the drive or to format Fat or NFTS, whether its storage or primary OS drive. I have used Maxtor CD and Floppy to format different HD`S and so far its worked well. When windows only gives me a choice to format in NFTS, I use the disc or floppy to change to fat. I have a 500 GB Iomega storage drive all fat 32. I know NFTS is more secure but its just my preference because I like to play. Lumps
  2. Lumps

    Unable to selct path

    Try turning off phone and putting memory card in a USB card reader and my computer will recognize it as a storage card and you will be able to copy files that way. I have a Nokia 6265I and I can use Pc Suite USB Card reader or not turn on Nokia PC Suite just let My Computer recognize it in XP. Take Care Lumps
  3. Lumps

    New External

    Excuse me , and someone correct me if I`m wrong but you can format fat or fat 32 in XP. If it was default when you first installed XP. Or you can use your HDD man. CD or Floppy. You can also store or format fat 32 Larger than 32 GB. I have a WD 320 GB HDD Maxtor 100 HDD 2 Maxtor 40 GB and they are Fat32! Take Care Lumps
  4. Hi every one! I have been hovering around for a couple of years now but only registered the other day. I love CCleaner and except for some mistakes I`ve made it works fantastic. This is a wonderful site with a variety of information on just about everything. So far the people here are just great and always willing to help. Although I dont know much I will try and contribute whenever I can. Thankyou to everyone who with just reading I have learned much.!!! Take Care Lumps
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