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  1. Sorry about the previous msg. Don't know how that happened. What I was trying to say was: How do you create enough temp files 1k or larger to completely fill the MFT?
  2. Using XP Home Edition. Scan produces picture files from IE Yahoo homepage. Secure Delete of Checked Files results in files that are not displayable but the File Name is still readable. Is it not possible to clear the Filename?
  3. Yorkshireman, I hope someone can answer the question you have posed. I have the same question.
  4. I need further guidence on your statement, 'You can not of course securely delete an undeleted file, if you have chosen to show these in your scan". Can you only securely delete a file that has already been deleted by other means? If so, what other means? You can tell, I am really in waaayyyy over my head. Please help
  5. I just ran CC in the highest deletion option. It came back cleared on subsequent scans. I then ran Recuva and it still shows the file names even though it says that the data is overwritten & unrecoverable. I assume that I am doing something wrong but can't figure out what that may be.
  6. I have also tried to secure delete items and found the same to be true I then ran CCleaner to delete the items and when I ran Recuva the filenames were still there. I thought CCleaner would put zzzzs in the filename. This is the first time I have ever used these utilities so, even though I have read the info I may not be understanding it correctly..... Any help will be appreciated. Is it true that neither CCleaner or Recuva will remove deleted file names from the MFT?
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