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  1. LCD

    CCleaner v2.17

    We are not speaking the same language... "...I've used CC when I had WinME installed..." Do you know the difference between the past and the present!!!?... Please, forget me, go away, and be happy. LCD
  2. LCD

    CCleaner v2.17

    Mister, pay attention! Windows Me is not windows 98... they are differents. There is no error: -Simply, the new software is not good enough-, I'am sorry to say. Goodbye LCD
  3. LCD

    CCleaner v2.17

    Warning and pay attention: Now, Ccleaner updates, aren?t compatibles with the Windows Me (Millenium). You must use ccsetup 214 or antecedents. Regards LCD
  4. Moderator Thank you. I'm sorry, but you are wrong, as well as the annoucement! I'm calm. And polited and educated... Obscurum per obscurius. Regards LC
  5. Moderator! Please, be kind and answe my question, too? Thank you. LC email address removed by moderator to avoid spamming[/i]
  6. Please, let me Know why Ccleaner 2.15 and 2.16 aren?t compatible with Windows Millennium? Thank you. LC email address removed by moderator to avoid spamming
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