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  1. Thanks for the Input But ive tried this before and it doesnt work when working with GPO's Been a while since i posted this and all the computers on the network are still working well regards
  2. schedule a logoff task on CCleaner using task scheduler to run it at logoff and it will run everytime you shut your computer down but make sure to add the /AUTO command
  3. You computers instability might be due to other reasons have you recently or ever defragmented your computer how old is your HDD because they do wear down and is noticable after 2 years have you used the registry cleaner in CCleaner analyse then fix
  4. Have you ever heard of firefox? get it from getfirefox.com to set it up to delete when the browser closes select tools, options, privacy, then check always clear my firefox cache when the browser closes, select settings next to it and make sure everything is ticked then go back to privacy and untick the alert me before clearing files checkbox bellow the clear one
  5. just keeping the topic on the front page until its stickied or something lol Boink!
  6. i think it will only display 10.1 if your hardware is 10.1 compatible ie ATI HD3000 series
  7. From what i have experienced the uninstall does a complete clean sweep of CCleaner as though it never exhisted on the computer in the first place "reg entries and files and folders"
  8. Hi john go into the "Add A Program To Winapp2.ini" topic and download the winapp2.ini file place it into your CCleaner folder and it should have an entry to clean those pesky files (click on the application tab to see all available apps that can be cleaned after addind this) and it should also clean up a few other apps on your computer too
  9. I have tried many of the techniques notices and not had any luck with many i even tried to setup Task scheduler to start CCleaner in /AUTO mode at user login to no avail since Active Directory and the type of user logon seems to disable it by default. Then it dawned on me that Active Directory must have a featue in the General Group Policies to enable a program to be run at login and after an hour of trawling through the local GPO i found a feature that does just what i wanted and many people have been asking for. Note that i am not trained in the use of windows server and have been do
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