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  1. I've post a lengthy open letter saying very similar things and also sent it directly to Mr G. ..... I wish I'd come read all these suggestion earlier. I couldn't agree with the ?Collective You? more good people. I trust the developers realise just how these suggested improvements will enhance this basic tool and turn it into a classic / benchmark of it type. I do hope that the ?Collective Wisdom? of the members is given the weight your suggestions all deserve. If the developers do indeed include the best of them, .... I'll be true to my word and support this tool with annual contributions. If not, .... I'll keep using iIsystem Whiper Pro ?. even without support ?. It?s more user friendly at the moment and I?m not inclined to abandon it for CCleaner yet. Developer, ..... support your supporters please!!!! Keep it up members (End Users). I'd employ you all!!! Fantastic .....
  2. Yep!!!! Wonder why end users see this as an improvement!!
  3. Great Suggestions! You've got my attention. Let's hope it receive the appropriate support and is include, inter alia!
  4. I have been using and like the features in my current wiper, iIsystem Wiper Pro. However it is now dated and unsupported and it is time to move on and I find myself looking seriously at Piriform's CCleaner. I also like the way you guys expect to be supported, by donation. I'm a firm support of this as it enable one to get behind worthwhile products as the end user determines and I normally do so in proportion to usefulness, user friendliness, support, but most importantly for me is the manner in which the developers (you guys) respond and raise to the requests / requirements of the end users like myself. The above is provided to set up the following comments. As I said, I?ve noted suggests have already been made that I agree with and would like in a product I use. (In the main, iIsystem Whiper Pro has most of them, but no support.) The main ones are ?User Choices? and ?User Friendliness? type feature. It?s been suggested that it would be nice to have the ability to clean the system at shut down and have a "Tick Box" that lets you pick that option. I know this can be done if you go to the trouble and set up an instruction, and in the forum that?s been outlined and clearly responded to. However, I for one am not interested in having to go to that extent, and I suggest nor may be many others. For example, most people know how to wind up the windows on their cars too, .....but if a car is available with electric widow winders, ...thats what I buy. (Think about it.) There will be any number of reasons for this from person to person and reasons will range from skills levels to time and inclination. For me, ....it?s the latter. In another similar request I saw the suggestion that it would be nice to have CClearner clear multiple accounts/profile, and the reply was, ?Sound like a good idea at first, BUT ??., ...then it goes on to find the justification for not providing the feature rather than address the merits of the suggestion. (In my opinion.) Again, it's a question of user choice. Some of us (me in this case) know how we wish our system to work (lets say as a System Admin option) and if we would like that feature, (I would), ? surely you might agree, .... it's the end users requested feature and our choice to ask for it and then to choice to use it, ......is it not??? I can say this, ? if I wanted to be a developer or build my own tools for doing these things, I would read up and then build my own, but I?m not that interested. Using the motor vehicle example once more, ... if the unit I seek doesn't have the features I want, ...... you would not win my business and I'd keep looking until I got what I was looking for. (Piriform has the support of it's end user here, but it needs to be responsive to the market place as well!) If there is a tool available and it does the job, ? I?ll buy it or in your case support it. Your donation system is suited to this and I?ll participate if I get exactly what I'm look for. (As I've stipulated above.) So far, the element of end users being taken seriously and the features they request are not being supported at your end. Piriform is failing itself by not raising to the reasonable suggestions made in the forum for improving the product and meeting the end users expectations for choice and features. We all know it's not hard to include those suggestions and request. Why would Piriform not respond positively and support the end users and value add to the experience? For me, I would not support or contribute to this product in its current form unless the "User Friendly" feature and "Tick Box" choices suggested are indeed included for the end users choices to select or other wise. However, if Piriform were to respond positively to its supporter base and the reasonable suggestions floated for making the product what we know it can be, ....... giving us the choices we seek in it, ?... you'd get my support and it will be ongoing on a yearly contribution bases. Think about that, ........and how many others may also respond likewise if Piriform do take the contribution of its supports in the forum as constructive and improve the product usefulness to us. ??? Please reconsider the current forum response to ..... Not Included ..... "Tick Box (End User) Choices" for: 1.) Cleaning at shut down. (Tick Box Choice Please.) 2.) Multiple profile cleaning. (Tick Box Choice Please.) 3.) Auto Clean any/all browser at exit from them at session end. (Tick Box Choice Please.) Simple stuff I suggest. End User Choice is what users like. There are others to have been suggested to you before and many of them are also good suggestions and will enhance the "User Friendliness" of the product. Please consider us and give us the choices we seek in this tool. May I suggest that the features shouldn't be design with the lowest common denominator (idiot factor) as the limiter to the feature available. The product is poorer for it, and we are not getting the features and choices we would like in the tool/product. Some of us really do know what we seek and are competent to set the feature to "ON" or "OFF" as we wish to use ourselves. Thank you.
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