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  2. I stand corrected. Please note further research on Wikipedia reveals the following helpful information. Wikipedia notes, "Sometimes, a vendor may misleadingly advertise the I/O clock rate by labeling the MT/s as MHz." This is exactly what Sony has done for this product's specs on their website for their new model #VPCF112FX. The memory type installed in this model is DDR3-1333 which runs at a maximum I/O bus clock speed of 667 MHz and a maximum data rate of 1333 MT/s. The specs posted to the Sony website are incorrect in that it states the Type/Speed is DDR3/1333MHz. The "1333" speed refe
  3. The correct speed for DDR3 PC3-10700 is 1333 MHz. Speccy is reporting the wrong speed at 667 MHz. DDR3 type does not have a speed running at 667 MHz!!!! Only 1333 MHz is possible. Freeware program CPU-Z is also reporting memory speed incorrectly.
  4. I love Speccy, it's a great utility! Can you please add a feature to allow the program to be minized in the task tray and work in the background to continuously monitor the computer's processors for dangerous heat levels, and give the user the option to check a box that sends a command to gracefully shutdown the system before the heat level reaches critical which will then cause the system's internal hardware protection to perform a sudden shutdown which is not good and could cause file corruption and possible damage to the program files and the system registry especially when the hard disk d
  5. I noticed just a little typo in the program interface under the hard disk drive information link, the temperature range for between 50 to 55 degrees Celsius shows the word "warn" next to it but that word should read "warm". I have a suggestion to add a feature where the user can check a box in the program menu interface to display the CPU temperature when the program is minimized. It could be a feature where it displays the information in the Vista style system task tray or display the active CPU temp in a channel button on the task bar -- the channel button display is best for both Wind
  6. I noticed just a little typo in the program interface under the hard disk drive information link, the temperature range for between 50 to 55 degrees Celsius shows the word "warn" next to it but that word should read "warm".
  7. I agree, defraggler runs much better in XP and I can defragment down to zero files.
  8. Every time I use defraggler in Vista I can't seem to get consistent file defragmentation results. For example, I was able to defragment my hard drive down to just 1 file that would not defragment in the system32 folder, and I don't know why this file would not defragment but I did not have permission (even though I am Adminstrator) to modify the file (typical Vista crapp). Then if I run defraggler again, it comes reports an entirely different report of fragmented files, and if I run it again, it comes back again with a different report, and it never can defragment the hard disk drive to repo
  9. It would be nice if a button was added to the Google Toolbar. I see it was added for the Windows Live Toolbar, but I searched the button gallery in Google and there's no button listed to add to the Google Toolbar.
  10. Yes, I read your thread and see that I can create a CCleaner shutdown icon: Create a new shortcut with this in it: CODE "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO /SHUTDOWN Then I can replace the CCleaner default icon with a special shutdown icon to avoid error clicking on the wrong icon as this command with automatically shutdown the system upon selecting it. I like this option but why can't CCleaner be integrated into Windows system shutdown, rather than having to create a separate command parameter in a desktop icon. I think a checkbox in the program to "run CCleaner befo
  11. I would like to suggest that you add another feature to allow the user to check a box to command CCleaner to run at shutdown. I find that my system running in Vista loads the desktop much faster if I run CCleaner before shutdown during my prior session. The current version of CCleaner only allows the user to run CCleaner at startup. Thanks for considering my suggestion.
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