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  1. I can setup and tweak the tasks OK in XP. I can't seem to get it tweaked to my liking in Vista tho. My next concern is, as you mentioned, that the scheduled task runs blind. I didn't see a pop-up reminder that it was starting., nor any means to stop it once it's started. I hope that there is a good overlap in the read/write/erase process to prevent data loss in the case of an inadvertent shutdown, or if one would terminate the process! I don't have a system running, that I'm willing to test this on yet. Anyone have experience with this?
  2. My experience was with XP with SP3. Don't know about Vista. Are you set up as an Administrator account? That would be my first Guess! I might check that out this afternoon on my daughter's laptop. It has Vista Home Premium on it. If I find something, I'll post back.
  3. Great to have the Scheduler available now. Could we possibly have the Date/Time" and maybe a "Type" of Defrag displayed somewhere on the drive's status line. This would be bunches easier than having to look in Windows "Scheduled Tasks" every so often to insure it ran and when! Thanks.
  4. I've found that settings for the scheduler will only be accepted for drives(partitions) that are not highlighted on the Defraggler screen, which if you only have 1 drive, with no floppy or USB drive, could be a real problem. You can set up non-highlighted drives and then move the highlight to a different drive to set up the first drive. That seemed to work OK for my system. Then you can go into Windows Scheduled Tasks to tweak the settings if you want. Hope this may help some folks get it working.
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