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  1. The directory structure is pretty much identical across **most** Linux distros. There may be some exceptions that I'm not aware of. If you're gonna create a Linux version, please DO NOT release it as a tarball (i.e. ccleaner.tar.gz). You can release it as a debian package (ccleaner.deb) or a Red Hat Package (ccleaner.rpm) or a binary package is fine also (ccleaner.bin). Tarballs are difficult to work with. I'm looking forwards to the day when I can install CCleaner on my linux machine. Much thanks in advance.
  2. I am wondering if anyone else here has had the same or similar issue. When running CCleaner on a computer with an Intel Socket 1156 Core i3 CPU, the machine blue screens. I had just upgraded from a Socket 478 board and that board didn't have this issue. I have a couple of Socket 775 machines with CCLeaner installed and CCleaner works fine on them. It's just this computer with the Intel Socket 1156 Core i3 CPU. I'm thinking that there's an incompatibility with the Socket 1156 CPU architechture and the coding of CCleaner somewhere. BTW, I'm running XP Pro w/SP3 on the Socket 1156 machine.
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