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    firefox 3 Ram usage

    My school laptop runs about 520 Mb RAM out of 2 Gb, with fresh startup, it uses 450 MB at the most. Yes, sometimes my firefox 3 uses my ram up to 150 MB with few tabs opened. I thought firefox was light-weighted, less resource consumption and fast - I don't what's causing FF to use up to 150 MB, I'm trying to change my browser to Opera, - Eric
  2. Hi davey, Oh, it was my mistake yeah I can see the option but it is not cleaning my icon cache at all for some reason. The attatchment was the result of 'tick' on the option. But the VB script I have works, it closes explorer and performs cleanup and restarts explorer process again and boom, they are gone. Do you think there's something wrong with my computer? I also tried restarting the computer but found no luck. Maybe, adding another option to that 'icon cache' option to close explorer and restart again for immediate result? Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys, and yeah, I will keep up with this forum and ask any questions I have. In fact I already made a suggestion about CCleaner to add a new feature, go ahead and check it out; cheers. P.S. my bandwidth is extremely slow, so I won't be coming to this forum everyday, but once a week to check out what's happening.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if you could add a feature on CCleaner for cleaning up notification area icon cache, I have a VB script that cleans the icon cache, but I want to be in one simple software. then, one click will do everything I need. Also, I am a boarder of a school and those help-desk (laptop maintenance/technician) in my school check our laptops randomly and I don't want them to see what I was doing. Thank you in advance Regard.
  5. Dear Piriform members, To start with, I am not an English so please don't get me wrong with grammers and etc. and I want to thank you for making such good programs. When I firsted downloaded and used 'CCleaner', thought it was the most light-weighted and simplest cleaning software I ever used - and best of all, FREE license. It also goes to 'Defraggler', which I run those 2 applications every weekend on my school laptops. and I just realilzed that you guys have released 'Recuva', I don't know why to say man. Best software for free, thanks for making those programs Thanks
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